For pharmaceutical stability tests and environmental simulations

Single body frame in sheet steel prepainted or plastic-coated white on the outside; AISI 304 stainless steel on the inside.
• False bottom with tub in AISI 0 stainless steel; tub complete with cover with eyelets for internal air circulation for the purpose of evaporation and condensation of water vapour. The dewpoint is produced with axial Vac fans that send air over the surface of the water.
• Rounded internal corners
• Insulation in high density expanded polyurethane in situ
• Insulation thickness mm 60.
• Openings for cables of validation and recording probes
• Reversible blind door, equipped with lock and key.
• Two transparent internal doors, in plastic
• height adjustable wire grill shelves.
• Magnetic seal.
• Self closing device.
• Stainless steel height adjustable feet.
• The internal surface of the door is heated as well as the rim of the external cabinet. This heating is managed by PID (proportional, integral, derivative) by the main microcomputer, through a thermocouple sensor